4. Specific Webcam Models

Note that this information is frequently changing. The Linux-USB Device Overview site is a great place to look if you have a USB webcam. Also, you will want to check for your model's homepage at http://www.exploits.org/v4l/. The information compiled below on specific webcam models is from the same source, so you may find more up-to-date information through the previous link. If you can't find an entry for your particular hardware, you can find links to resources on how to write your own driver!

It is important to note that if your camera isn't listed, the easiest way to find out if your camera is supported is to find out what chipset is used in its manufacture. This information is usually present in the specifications published in your webcam's manual or on the manufacturer's website.

If you can't find your camera model listed and aren't sure what chipset your camera is made with, you should consider searching and/or subscribing to the video4linux-list mailing list hosted by Redhat.

4.1. 3com HomeConnect PC Digital Webcam

This driver is supported with the kernel patch located at the homeconnectusb project web page. It may require a kernel recompile after patching depending on your kernel version.

4.2. CPiA based Webcams

Please see the project home page for up-to-date information. This chipset has been used in the manufacture of both USB and parallel port webcams including the following:

4.3. SE401, SE402 and EP800 based USB webcams

This project is a work in progress. The drivers and other useful information are available at the project homepage locatedhere. As of writing this, it is necessary to patch and recompile your kernel in order to obtain support for these models. The driver supports the following:

SE401 chipset via the 'se401' driver:

SE402 and EP 800 chipsets via the 'epcam' driver

4.4. OmniVision based Webcams

This category includes a multitude of webcam and video-capture devices manufactured by Omnivision, including the OV511(+), OV518(+), OV6620, OV6630, OV7610, and OV7620AE. The project homepage is here. Supported models include:

4.5. Logitech (formerly Connectix) Quickcam Support

The QuickCam VC USB and parallel port model webcams are supported by the driver offered here. A kernel patch and recompile are necessary for support of this model.

The Quickcam Express Linux project offers two different flavors of driver for certain Quickcam models, both of which are stand-alone drivers that do not require a kernel patch or recompile. The qce-ga and qc-usb drivers support the following models:

The qc-usb driver is more experimental but reportedly works better on some models such as the Quickcam Web. See the above links for more information. Note to Redhat users: The qce-ga driver doesn't compile properly using the modified kernel source provided in Redhat 9, but a fix is available here.

Some Logitech camera models are supported by the Philips driver in Section 4.7.

4.6. NW802 Based Webcams

This chipset, manufactured by DIVIO, is supported by the driver found here. The models supported include the following:

4.7. Philips USB Webcams

Supported Philips models include the following. The up-to date PWC driver and list can be found at the project homepage.

4.8. STV0680 based Models

The USB version of webcams made with this chipset are supported by the 2.4.18 and above kernel with the stv680.o module. Alternatively, you can obtain the source from the project homepage. This driver supports models including the Aiptek Pencam and the Nisis Quickpix 2.

If you have a serial version, the main one of which is the Scan e-Studio, you should go here.

4.9. Winbond w9966cf

This is a driver for the parallel-port interface that supports the Philips SAA7111 CCD-control chip as found on the Lifeview Flycam SUPRA webcam. It is included in the late 2.4 kernel series and later under the heading 'video4linux' support. The homepage for this project is here.

4.10. Xirlink C-it™ HDCS-1000 based Webcams

This driver is for the USB webcams manufactured by Xirlink, IBM (PC Camera) and Veo Stingray model webcams. Support has been in the linux kernel USB section since 2.2.12. The homepage is at http://www.linux-usb.org/ibmcam.